Chapman Freeborn Launches Global Broker Initiative for Expanding Private Jet Market Ahead of NBAA 2013

It will offer international charter expertise and flight support services, including over-flight permits, ground handling and fuelling.

the world.

Working with Chapman Freeborn will help open up other markets and increase revenuegenerating
opportunities. US corporations are truly global and invest in markets around the
world, but US jet providers are not able to replicate their coverage or quality of service in
China, Asia, Africa, South America, Russia and other key markets.

The Global Broker initiative allows jet operators and charter companies to utilise Chapman
Freeborn’s global network of over 30 offices to offer their local clients professional flight
solutions anywhere in the world.

The service also opens up the possibility of combining scheduled flights and charter. Even if
a multinational corporation owns its own G550, for example, it might cost $120k just to fly
their team to Beijing, whereas they can travel first class for $30k, then pick up a suitable jet
in Beijing for their onward journey in China and Asia.

Alex continued: “In fast-developing markets charter companies also need to stay on top of
regulation. When chartering in unfamiliar regions, clients need to be careful not to fall into
territory of illegal or grey market charter. It is important to have someone on the ground that
speaks the local language, understands the culture and acts as the local interface - including
checking and verifying aircraft documentation.”

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