EAM Worldwide, Major Life Vest Provider, Utilizes MAINtag as Supplier for First Dual-Memory RFID-Enabled Life Vests on Airbus A320

 MAINtag, leading provider of aerospace flyable RFID chips and tags, is providing EAM Worldwide and its EAM RFID Solutions division with FLYtag® fiber dual RFID tags for life vests. EAM's first delivery of life vests with dual-memory tags is for Airbus A320 aircraft owned by European airline easyJet.

Airbus announced in 2012 that they will require all life vest suppliers to comply with the dual-memory tag criteria outlined by the ATA Spec 2000 committee. This committee establishes the data format standard for RFID flyable tags. EAM Worldwide, a featured vest supplier for Airbus, is the first company to fulfil this requirement. FLYtag fiber dual covers both single- and dual-record formats and embeds ATA Spec 2000-compliant aerospace silicon chips.

"The single-record format efficiently pulls relevant electronic data from a vest, such as manufacturer CAGE code, serial number, part number, date of manufacture and expiration date. Dual-record tags extend that capacity to data renewal along the life cycle of the part. FLYtag fiber dual allows crews to track presence and expiration of life vests and other inflatable parts in a matter of minutes instead of hours," explained Alexis Beurdeley, Vice President of MAINtag, Inc. in Atlanta, GA, who sealed the deal with EAM in Miami, FL.

"EAM RFID Solutions and MAINtag have been working closely in the design of fully compliant tags for time-efficient and cost effective identification of life vests and other EAM Worldwide flyable equipment," said Nervin Obando, Manager of EAM RFID Solutions. "We also use the tags to enhance our tracking efficiency. The tags are read and linked to our internal RFID software, allowing us to track vests in all stages of production," added Eloy Leal, EAM Worldwide director of operations and engineering.

MAINtag's family of dual-memory tags incorporates the ATA Spec 2000 silicon FLYchip®. With identity rates up to 200 tags per second at a range of 10-15 feet depending on the software being used, FLYchip outsells and outperforms other chips in the aerospace market. FLYchip is available in formats of 2 Kbits (dual/single record) and 64 Kbits (multi-record).

For more information about MAINtag and its RFID solutions, download the Solution Book at www.maintag.com.