Revision to Service Bulletin Gives Twin Commander Operators Flexibility in A.D. Compliance

The revision to SB241 allows operators to perform an inspection of the aft pressure bulkhead area, and if the inspection does not reveal cracking, the operator will be able to resume flying for another 100 flights or 110 flight hours, whichever comes...

The A.D.’s more aggressive compliance schedule compared to the service bulletin “places an extreme burden on owners of many of the approximately 240 aircraft affected by the A.D. in the U.S. alone, not to mention a similar proportion outside of the country that are impacted,” Isley said. “The revision to the service bulletin gives some operators needed flexibility to perform the SB241 modification.

“Once properly implemented, the modification specified in SB241 will permanently address problems caused by dynamic and cyclic stresses in the aft pressure bulkhead area,” Isley said.

“The safety of the fleet is first and foremost our priority and responsibility,” he noted. “Commander owners and operators have always enjoyed best-in-class safety, performance, and fuel-efficiency, and we at Twin Commander Aircraft, along with our Service Centers, pledge to continue delivering the best legacy aircraft support in the world.”

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