Novulo signs multiyear software agreement with KLM

Novulo has signed a multiyear agreement with KLM Engineering & Maintenance for delivery of web-based software for the planning of KLM’s aircraft maintenance. The Novulo platform will be gradually introduced in all KLM hangars at Schiphol. With the deployment of  the Novulo software KLM aims to integrate and optimize the planning of its aircraft maintenance.

“KLM’s choice for the Novulo software did not happen overnight” Novulo’s management states.
“The fact that an organization like KLM Engineering & maintenance, having it's specific requirements on airframe-related certifications, has chosen Novulo software components is an important acknowledgment of the unique characteristics of our software”.

Novulo has implemented multiple applications for KLM in the field of preparation of maintenance checks, digital handovers for production shifts and the monitoring of material supply. In the close cooperation with KLM staff, the flexible and versatile functional capabilities, the speed in which applications were delivered within planning and budget and the smooth user acceptance were mentioned as characteristic for Novulo.

The applications are composed by Novulo software components which merge automatically into one integrated application. This offers versatile and flexible possibilities to compose applications closely to the requirements of users, and also quick adaptation to the organizational needs in changing situations and circumstances. Since Novulo components cover all aspects of both market segments and business processes, there is no limitation in functionality or field of application.

The subject agreement is aimed to the further deployment and integration  of the Novulo software for aircraft maintenance throughout KLM Engineering & Maintenance. The Novulo components are used to determine which certified staff should work on specific jobs on specific aircraft in the specified hangars. Optimization of this process provides optimum deployment of staff and optimum availability of aircraft to execute the primary process of KLM: transportation of passengers and cargo.

Novulo does not only see KLM’s choice as recognition of its software, but more importantly to provide a significant and meaningful contribution to the further optimization of work processes, the disclosure of data for effective management reports, and to facilitate tasks on the work floor in the aircraft maintenance of KLM.