SkyMark Refuelers

Mike Ford Joins SkyMark Refuelers

Mike Ford has joined SkyMark Refuelers as vice president of engineering. Ford brings 25 years of aviation engineering experience to the elite Skymark refuelers team.

"We are thrilled to have Mike at the helm of our engineering team," confirms Steven Paul, president. "He has designed more refuelers for more companies than anyone in the world. And there's no close second."

Ford has long been a leader in the aviation industry. He is credited with pioneering solar technology on hydrant carts back in 2002. Today, this reliable, efficient and earth-friendly technology is commonplace at hundreds of airports in several countries.

Over the years, Ford has been responsible for designing refueling equipment across the  country from the Port Authority in New York and New Jersey to American Airlines in Chicago. Internationally, he has designed equipment for the Turkish military and into-plane operators in Indonesia.