UIA Responds To Swissport's Claims Of Bias

Swissport tries to put pressure on Ukrainian court and government bodies in order to obtain illegal judgment in economic dispute, according to former business partner.

UIA and INTERAVIA consider the abovementioned Swissport statements in the press to be an attempt to intervene directly in their business activities. Such disinformation calls upon denting Ukraine International Airlines unblemished reputation which has been developed for over 20 years of UIA successful operation on Ukrainian and European aviation markets. Attempts to exert pressure upon the carrier`s management with regard to decide the controversy of UIA and Swissport are being made by various structures. However, UIA corporate policy allows for dealing with any disputable issues inside the legal environment only, without employing any administrative pressure methods. UIA lawyers will definitely assess the innuendoes thrown out against UIA from a legal viewpoint.

UIA and INTERAVIA management is convinced that the statements expressed in the Swissport press release disputing competence of the judicial system of Ukraine, undermine our country`s creditability, decrease its investment appeal, and are truly capable of harming Ukraine`s national interests.

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