ZuluLog.com Announces Version 6.0 of Online Aircraft Maintenance Tracking System

NEW YORK -- ZuluLog.com, a leading provider of cloud-based aviation record keeping software and services, announces the release of Version 6.0 of its popular online maintenance tracking service.

Version 6.0 adds many new features, while keeping the intuitive, explorer-based user interface. "Customers can view the overall 'go' or 'no-go' status of their entire fleet, with one line per aircraft," says Kelly J. Bonner, Executive Vice President of Customer Relations. "From there, they can click to drill down into the status of each component, assembly, or required inspection.

Additionally, customers can easily move components or assemblies between aircraft or assign them to inventory. Each component can contain an unlimited number of inspections or maintenance schedules, based on Hobbs hours, engine cycles, tach hours, number of flights, days, months, dates, torque events, RINs, landing cycles, and more. Items can also be scheduled for calibration, overhaul, recertification, or retirement based on reaching a life limit.

The system can also track required inspections and calibration schedules for tools used in aircraft maintenance. Documents such as spreadsheets, PDF, or images can be attached to maintenance records for secure cloud storage. "One of our most widely used features is the Maintenance Due report, which lists all schedules coming due, with the most urgent items at the top," continues Kelly. "Also, email notifications can be set up in advance of scheduled expirations, which lets operators plan for upcoming work."

Kelly adds, "Another exciting feature of the software is that it's fully integrated into our pilot logbook system. As each pilot logs his flight activity, the maintenance system automatically updates Hobbs hours, engine time, landing cycles, RINs, and squawks.

The system is fully online and accessible through any Web browser, so no software installation is required. Data security and accessibility are guaranteed.

ZuluLog is used by Part 91 and Part 135 operators. Customers include air charter, defense contractors, law enforcement agencies, medevac companies, oil and energy companies, aerial survey, geological agencies, and many others.

Founded in 2006, ZuluLog is one of the industry's leading providers of online aviation record keeping, and the company has thousands of customers in over 40 countries worldwide. ZuluLog's cloud-based software tracks flight/mission activity, pilot currency, training requirements, scheduling, documents, approvals, and more.

For more information, visit the company's website at https://www.zululog.com.