Can OEMs Lose the Battle for the Aftermarket? says: As the demand for new aircraft is very unlikely to shrink any time soon, the increasing concern among independent MRO providers with regard to staying competitive is justified.

The globalization of the industry makes market monopolization improbable

“Despite the fact that OEMs are the strongest in their core area of expertise, it seems unlikely that they will actually continue to dominate the market. When it comes to integrated solutions, which are becoming increasingly popular, every aspect of aircraft maintenance should be planned ahead and executed with maximum efficiency. This is especially true when it comes to component support. The industry has already had the opportunity to witness how some of the industry giants have even had troubles with the manufacturing process itself. And all due to no other reason but inefficient supply chain management,” shares the CEO of “Sure, one can argue that the new aircraft don’t require as many spare parts as the older ones. While that may be true, no one is really ever protected from an AOG situation and here is when that extra part may really save time and money. Especially when in the case of PBH support it’s the provider who becomes vulnerable, and buying spares ahead is not always an option. So it seems that when it comes to global market and global products, the only way of staying on top is communication and co-operation executed with maximum efficiency.”

About - is an IT company supporting the aviation industry with IT-based Supply Chain Optimisation solutions worldwide. The company develops and maintains its own trading platform catered specifically to the aircraft spare parts aftermarket while offering proactive customer support and enhancing the industry with effective supply chain management solutions. is a part of Avia Solutions Group - a WSE-listed company with more than 17 subsidiaries providing global aviation business solutions covering everything from aircraft maintenance and repair, crew training, technical training to ground handling, crew leasing, and other aviation related services.

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