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Russian Aerospace and Turbine Industries Receive Support from Ipsen

CHERRY VALLEY, IL – Within the last few months, Ipsen has shipped eight TITAN® furnaces to Russia for the Civil Aerospace and Land-Based Turbine Engine industries. These shipments have been spread throughout Russia to cities including, but not limited to, Ufa, Perm and Voronezh.

Ipsen reports: "the Russian Aerospace sector is booming, and with this boom has come an increased demand for high-performance, high-quality heat treatment equipment. Ipsen has set themselves apart as global experts in heat treating, especially for those looking to satisfy strict industry regulations and requirements, such as those found in Aerospace and Land-Based Turbines. For this reason, well-established industrial Russian companies are turning to Ipsen for support and partnership in their heat treating application needs."

Ipsen delivered its first Russia-bound furnace to an Aerospace company in 1983. Then, starting in the late 1990s, Russian government programs began to invest heavily in U.S. joint-ventures and Ipsen continued to provide quality products and support. They delivered their first TITAN furnace to Ufa, Russia in February 2011 to a company manufacturing land-based turbine blades. Now, with eight shipments during the last few months, Ipsen reports its TITAN has captured Russia’s attention as a reliable and durable solution for their top projects.

“Ipsen has been a proud furnace supplier to Russian companies for 30 years. We are excited that those relationships have been maintained and are now expanding throughout the country,” says Andrew Yazot, Ipsen’s International Sales Engineer for the Eastern European region.

According to an Ipsen press release: "TITAN furnace systems offer a global standard of excellence that ensures quality results for even the most demanding applications. Standardized to operate anywhere in the world, and in any language, Ipsen’s TITAN brings state-of-the-art thermal processing solutions to all corners of the globe."

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