Delta Air Lines Expands Use of EmpowerMX

DALLAS -- EmpowerMX, an industry-recognized leader in aviation-maintenance software solutions and program-management consulting and outsourcing services, announces the expansion of its license agreement with Delta TechOps to Delta Air Lines, the largest airline (by passengers carried) in the world. With this agreement, Delta will expand its use of the FleetCycle® Execution Suite - MRO Manager (FCXM) product from its MRO facilties to all its maintenance bays located at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

EmpowerMX is focused on equipping its customers with the ability to decrease their costs of making air travel safer by equipping their decision-makers with reliable, globally available intelligence for minimizing maintenance turn times/OpEX while maximizing airworthiness/profits.

Delta TechOps is a division of Delta Air Lines, the largest airline MRO in North America and the third-largest in the world. With more than seven decades of aviation expertise and over 9,600 Technical Operations employees, Delta TechOps provides full-service aviation maintenance to Delta and service to its fleet of more than 750 aircraft. In addition, Delta TechOps provides complete aircraft maintenance services for more than 150 other operators.

EmpowerMX builds innovative software products designed to equip airline operators, MROs, OEMs and military M&E departments with real-time and globally available business intelligence. Its Professional Services Group provides the Lean-based solutions and technical oversight that empower maintenance operations personnel with the knowledge needed to optimize maintenance programs.

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