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TITAN® Nickel Brazing Earns a Spotlight on Ipsen’s New Website

CHERRY VALLEY, IL – TITAN® technology has been opening heat treating doors since its release in 2009. Ipsen announces a new case study detailing the TITAN’s adaptive, multipurpose processing capabilities. The paper emphasizes how varied and ever-changing customers’ needs can be and how TITAN’s features and options step up to the plate.

Customers, or potential customers, looking to improve job turnaround will benefit from reviewing how the integration of a TITAN furnace-enabled Rockford Heat Treaters, Inc. (RHT) to bring in more customers and take on more unique projects than ever before. One example in this case study outlines how TITAN’s ability to process nickel brazing jobs brought in new opportunities for RHT.

“If it fits, we can treat it – name the process,” says Tom Deutsch, Vice President of RHT.

The TITAN platform enables a wide variety of heat treating applications to be performed in house while incorporating premium components that ensure quality results. With thermal processing needs changing on a day-to-day, or sometimes even hour-to-hour, basis, heat treaters need a furnace that can keep up with demand versatility.

Integrating TITAN’s versatility into a production line isn’t the only thing that customers can expect to find when accessing the newly published case study online. Ipsen’s newly designed website provides quick and intuitive access to Ipsen’s diverse product line, as well as extensive resources for any and all customers running or interested in running any number of heat treating applications.

To read Ipsen’s case study with RHT on TITAN versatility and to explore the updated website, visit http://www.ipsenusa.com/nickel-brazing.

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