Raisbeck Engineering Inc.

Raisbeck Engineering and Blackhawk Modifications Team to Promote Joint XPR Package

August 9, 2013 – Seattle, Wash. – Raisbeck Engineering and Blackhawk Modifications Inc. have recently formed a joint marketing relationship to promote cohesion between their well-known product lines. The joint marketing program will initially focus on the Beechcraft King Air 200 family. The package is referred to as the Blackhawk EPIC XPR Series. The program tag line is “Performance from the Power of Two."

The EPIC XPR package consists of the Blackhawk XP Engine Upgrade Package which utilizes PT6A -52 or -61 engines, and the Raisbeck EPIC PLATINUM Package, which includes Swept Blade Turbofan Propellers, Enhanced Performance Leading Edges, Dual Aft Body Strakes, Ram Air Recovery System and High Flotation Gear Doors (if the aircaft is HFG-equipped). Crown Wing Lockers are optional.
The combination of Raisbeck's EPIC PLATINUM Performance Package with Blackhawk's -52 or -61 Engine Upgrade Package achieves a level of performance second to none. The synergy of the combined systems gives operators the following benefits:

  • Shorter takeoff and landing distances 
  • FAA-Certified Balanced Field Lengths (BFL) for added safety 
  • Increased climb rates and cruise speeds 
  • Quieter cabin and cockpit (sound levels below OSHA standards, permitting talking at normal conversation levels) 
  • Proven resale value
  • State of-the-art Pratt & Whitney engine technology with a corresponding warranty

Raisbeck's Director of Marketing, Caitlin O’Keefe, comments on the partnership, "The Blackhawk-Raisbeck EPIC XPR package adds tremendous value to 200-Series King Airs. This program has already been implemented on many aircraft and we have seen compelling results based on FAA-Certified performance data—plus the smiles on our customers’ faces following their first flight after installation.”

Blackhawk’s Vice President of International Sales Bobby Patton comments, “For decades, Raisbeck and Blackhawk have done a great job identifying, developing and bringing to market performance upgrades that expand every reason to own and operate a King Air.  There is a natural performance-based synergy between our two companies. This teaming agreement will give King Air operators a gateway to make their decision to fly with the latest and greatest airframe and engine technology much easier.  We are pleased to work with Raisbeck to continue making a positive contribution towards the legacy of the King Air.

The two companies are sharing a booth (#5005) at LABACE this year (August 13th-16th in Sao Paulo, Brazil), along with BLR Aerospace. All three companies will showcase their King Air Performance Solutions.

For more information on the EPIC XPR package and global installation centers near you, please contact Blackhawk (+1 254-755-6711, sales@blackhawk.aero) or Raisbeck Engineering (+1 206-723-2000, info@raisbeck.com).