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Sunpartner and Vision Systems Develop Standalone Solar Protection Windows for Aircraft

5 August 2013 (Aix-en-Provence – France). Sunpartner and Vision Systems announced the signing of a license agreement for integrating WYSIPS GLASS technology into the sun protection systems of aircraft windows. Vision Systems specializes in the design, development, and production of smart, innovative systems for civil and commercial aviation, automotive, and shipping.
With this first aviation contract, Sunpartner positions itself as a strong and sustainable player in the transportation and glass industries. The two companies plan to develop a prototype by the end of 2013.
Carl Putman, CEO of the Vision Systems group, said, “This partnership confirms our commitment to remain at the forefront of innovation and strengthens our leadership position in the market for sun protection in the aviation industry. Our collaboration will enable us to design a fully integrated solar protection solution, independent of the electrical circuitry of the aircraft; it offers an ideal solution for retrofitting existing fleets. This technology may also eventually provide local power for passengers’ smartphones and tablets.
Ludovic Deblois, President and Co-founder of Sunpartner, welcomes this innovative partnership with Vision Systems: “This partnership clearly highlights the benefits of WYSIPS GLASS® technology for the transportation industry, integrating multifunction products and systems. This technology offers a wireless and self-powered solution, which significantly reduces cable networks and simplifies their installation and maintenance. There are many applications: sensors, sunroofs, darkening windows, as well as the aircraft windows that we are co-developing with Vision Systems.”
à Wysips Glass–Smarter Windows
Today, windows, glass sunroofs, aircraft windows, and other smart windows open electronically and integrate auto-darkening, rain-detecting, and lighting features. Tomorrow, glass panes will become screens that communicate information.
By transforming any glass surface into an energy-generating solar panel, Wysips Glass enables manufacturers to multiply the number of new features they can incorporate. Wysips Windows can generate enough electricity to power themselves as well as other devices nearby.
Making power supply independent of the grid, guaranteeing applications have the power to function, making added features autonomous—these challenges are all solved by integrating energy generation into the production processes. This solution is especially useful for the construction and transportation industries (rail, automobile, and aviation).
à Energy-Independent Aircraft Windows
A specialist in integrated solar protection systems, Vision Systems provides windows whose opacity can be adjusted by the passenger. These protection systems require electricity to operate, and until now, they needed to be connected to the aircraft’s batteries through the plane’s conventional wiring system.
By integrating Wysips Glass technology into its products, Vision Systems can offer its clients completely energy-autonomous windows while maintaining their original aesthetic.
The solar energy captured on the ground and in flight is stored in a battery integrated into the window. The electrical energy produced can power the sun protection during flight. Wysips Glass Technology produces 30W/m2 of power, offers a remarkable rate of up to 90% transparency, and preserves the quality of the window regardless of its size.
à Advantages of Wysips Glass Windows

  • Versatile Functionality

Thanks to Wysips Glass® technology, all features that need energy can be “plugged into” the glass while preserving its esthetics. The glass retains 70% to 90% of its transparency and can be tinted in any color.

  • Gets Rid of Wiring Issues

Powered by a highly-efficient light source, Wysips Glass® windows do away with the breakdowns, costs, and weight of traditional electric wiring.

  • Sustainable Design

Using renewable photovoltaic electricity with Wysips Glass,® the transportation sector can develop new, energy-consuming functions without increasing the demand for fossil fuels.
ABOUT Sunpartner
Sunpartner is an engineering firm specializing in solar NETs (New Energy Technologies). It develops pioneering solutions in the field of light energy and smart surfaces and is based in France.
Sunpartner’s revolutionary innovations are based on a transparent photovoltaic component that transforms any medium into an energy-generating surface. This component is developed by its subsidiary Wysips, while its independent solar energy plants based on innovative concentration technology are produced by Axiosun.
The company has also announced received an additional 2.1 million euros in funding, raising the total of its one-year investment campaign to 4 million euros and signed a new partnership agreements, with Chinese telephone giant TCL Communication. Sunpartner is now designing prototypes for 3 global leaders in mobile telephony. The company plans to finalize 2 agreements in the coming months and sign the first licenses during the first half of 2014.