TAP Maintenance and Engineering

TAP Maintenance and Engineering Brazil Receives EASA Certification for the E-Jets Family

In 2010, TAP Maintenance and Engineering Brazil earns the certificate of an Embraer Authorized Service Center (EASC) in Brazil, becoming the only aircraft maintenance company in Latin America certified for all service levels on all commercial aircrafts manufactured by Embraer, as regulated by ANAC and FAA.

Now, TAP M&E Brazil, which already holds numerous certifications to perform aircraft heavy checks of the main manufacturers, has received certification from EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) for all maintenance levels on all E-Jets models manufactured by Embraer. Consequently, this will significantly increase the possibility of performing more services, especially for European operators.

The Company continues to invest in the training and development of its personnel, which is one of its main strategies, according to President & CEO Nestor Koch: “TAP M&E Brazil is the only independent MRO company in Latin America with full capability for all commercial aircraft models that operate in the region. We will continue investing in the development of our Company, that is, in: technological improvement, training our personnel, continuous improving processes and enhancing the level of certifications. We believe that besides this being our greatest asset it improves on a daily basis the level of quality we offer to the market and, consequently, we constantly earn the confidence and satisfaction of our customers. Furthermore, we annually offer more than 1.6 million working hours and we are honored to have all the Nation’s airlines as well as many international companies as our main customers.

TAP M&E Brazil’s industrial complex consists of two Maintenance Centers—one in Rio de Janeiro (GIG) and the other in Porto Alegre (POA)—where, besides aircraft services, it offers several capabilities for engines, landing gear and aircraft components together with certificates from aviation authorities such as ANAC, FAA, EASA, TCCA, DGAC and others.

The Maintenance Centers are able to perform aircraft heavy maintenance checks, Minor Checks (such as simple inspections, daily checks, overnight services, incorporation of engineering orders, components replacement, etc.), interiors’ modifications, aircraft ageing, engineering and systems installation projects, as well as specialized services with non-destructive tests (X-Rays, eddy currents, penetrating fluid, magnetic particles, thermography, ultrasound).

In order to support its many commercial and military customers TAP M&E Brazil also has a Calibration shop and Chemical and Metallurgy Laboratory.