Heineken Challenges New York Travelers to Drop Everything and Play ‘Departure Roulette’

Heineken's ‘Departure Roulette’ creates an amazing real-life, real-time social experiment activation for travelers at JFK airport

The JFK activation was inspired by the current global multi media campaign 'Voyage', the fifth instalment of the  Heineken® ‘Legends’ platform, featuring the original legend 'Dropped' in a remote outpost in colourful India and finding himself in awkward and bizarre situations when he loses his pet goat. As a true man of the world, he knows how to navigate this new world with ease, even if he finds himself in unfamiliar territory.  

The integrated campaign comprises 4 further editions showing different men being tested to see what they are made of in situations that are way beyond their comfort zone.  Launched globally on 3 June, the first episode featured Rikar, a Spanish waiter, being dropped off in the middle of Alaska with only a tuxedo and plane tickets.  On 1st July the second edition showed Stavros, a yoga teacher and dancer from Greece, reacting to being plunged into the middle of Cambodia, blindfolded, and presented with a giant yellow duck boat (photo below). And there’s a twist to the video, as our man of the world’s birthday happens to fall in the middle of his legendary journey. Running since 22 July is the third intrepid traveller - a New Yorker dropped in Morocco where after lugging a massive block of ice, he comes to face the importance of letting go to become a true traveller rather than a tourist like those he sees on the tour buses around him.  The next episode launches on 12 August so watch this space for more information on that....

The campaign which lives on a variety of platforms across broadcast, digital and mobile, allows consumers to have a truly immersive experience via the Heineken® Dropped YouTube channel. Here, viewers can follow each ‘Dropped’ voyage, access documentary-style content and also contribute their own video entries to the ‘casting couch’ -  with the ultimate chance for consumers who buy special Global Voyage campaign packs of Heineken redeeming a code to play an online game of navigation skills.  A lucky few will win their own legendary travel experience, with prizes on offer to include adrenalin filled travel adventures and perhaps the ultimate adventurer's discipline - space training.

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