Embry-Riddle Installs Angle of Attack Indicators in Cessna Aircraft Fleet

An FAA/industry panel that recommends the use of AOA-based systems by general aviation as the best method for reducing fatal loss-of-control accidents in the approach and landing phase of flight.

Ken Byrnes, chair of the Flight Department at the Daytona Beach Campus, said “Based on the number of loss-of-control accidents that have occurred in aviation, both the NTSB and the FAA have recommended an increased use of AOA indicators. Our initial research shows that using AOA indicators during training improves student knowledge on aircraft performance, especially at slower airspeeds such as those that are required for landing. I have no doubt that using the AOA tool during training will increase the airmanship skills of our graduates and result in an increase in aviation safety.”

For more information on AOA research at Embry-Riddle, visit http://prescott.erau.edu/rsi.

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