First Aircraft Technical Record Facility Opens in the UK

Kent, UK (30/07/2013) - AW Aviation Services (AWAVS) has opened the first independent facility in the UK that is dedicated specifically to aircraft technical record checking, scanning and storage. Aimed at owners, operators, MROs and component suppliers, AWAVS is preempting the pending guidance of the CAA and EASA to store aircraft records in electronic format towards the end of 2014.

Andrew Wilkins, Managing Director of AWAVS, said “the aviation industry is moving toward recommendations to store and archive tech records electronically. With our vast experience of the aviation industry and the tech records required, our new facility will help companies in the aviation industry ensure their aircraft records are in good condition and stored electronically prior to any new recommendations coming in to force. AWAVS are far more than an ordinary scanning bureau as we have the industry knowledge and experience to check the records to ensure they are in order before scanning them to disc or onto our own secure servers for protected access by clients. It is important to thoroughly understand aircraft records in order to truly appreciate their value”.

Wilkins continues, “Checking and scanning these important records and storing them electronically can significantly reduce costs prior to aircraft handback, onward leasing and sale. Poor tech records can massively affect the value of an aircraft”.

AWAVS also has secure storage capacity for hard copy aircraft records. The AWAVS technical records facility is based in Kent, UK as the good transport links in the region ensure clients can be efficiently serviced throughout the UK and Europe.

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A W Aviation Services Ltd. is an independent specialist aviation support company that provides technical record assistance and solutions for the aviation industry.  

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