Speed, Performance and Utility on Display in Cessna Single-Engine Lineup

Orders are being taken on the Grand Caravan EX, the Turbo Skylane JT-A and the Cessna TTx, aircraft that extend traditional boundaries of general aviation in terms of payload, performance and style.

Thirteen Grand Caravan EX aircraft were sold into Africa in the first half of 2013. One of those customers is Northern Air/Legendary Expeditions of Arusha, Tanzania. The company uses the Grand Caravan EX as a versatile platform to provide greater access for their clients during safari tours of east Africa.

“The EX has made the Caravan, already a good aircraft, into an amazing one,” said Rikus van der Goot, Chief Pilot for Northern Air/Legendary Expeditions. “We are very impressed with the fuel burn, cruising speed, and especially the rate of climb. Needless to say, we are the envy in the Caravan community here.”

More than 2,200 Caravan aircraft have been manufactured by Cessna since the aircraft was introduced in 1985. The model 675 Caravan is still available, along with the Caravan Amphibian and the Super Cargomaster EX. For more information about the various Caravan aircraft and their capabilities, go to Cessna.com/Caravan.

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