Aviation Occupant Safety Announces That Cessna Has Selected Its New Cabin Passenger Protection System for the Citation Latitude

AOS is a joint venture between two global safety restraint industry leaders: Aircraft Belts Inc., (ABI) and Key Safety Systems (KSS).

Sterling Heights, Michigan USA July 25, 2013 – Representatives of Aviation Occupant Safety, LLC (AOS) announced today that Cessna Aircraft Company has selected the company’s side-facing passenger protection system as standard for the  side-facing seating configuration on the new mid-size Citation Latitude business jet.

First introduced to the aviation industry during the 2012 National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Convention in Orlando, Florida, AOS is a joint venture between two global safety restraint industry leaders: Aircraft Belts, Inc., (ABI) and Key Safety Systems (KSS).

“We are extremely proud that Cessna has selected our inflatable passenger protection system for the Latitude,” stated David Devine, Director of AOS. “When we first introduced our inflatable technology at NBAA, we were overwhelmed by the response we received from aircraft manufacturers around the world. Given the positive response we received during NBAA 2012 we are both excited and gratified that the first business application would be aboard Cessna’s newest mid-size Latitude.”

Terry Shriner, Cessna business leader for the Citation Latitude, stated, “The all-new Latitude is being developed and will raise the bar for mid-size business jet performance and capabilities,” he said. “And now, with the introduction of the AOS system, this amazing new aircraft will not only offer passengers an extremely comfortable cabin, it will also complement that with the latest advancements in passenger safety.”

“Nobody has more experience in the development and deployment of passenger restraint systems than our two companies,” stated Tony Nardone, Director of AOS. “KSS inflatable/airbag products are found in more than 300 models of cars and trucks, and ABI provides aircraft safety restraints for several aircraft OEM’s.”

“By combining the expertise within the two companies, AOS is the first company to introduce automotive-technology based bulkhead and seat-mounted airbag products to aviation,” Nardone added. “We believe that these products will revolutionize aircraft cabin safety.”

In describing the occupant protection system Cessna will offer aboard the Latitude to meet the FAA side-facing seat policy statement, PS-ANM-25-03, Devine said that along with the upper torso inflatable airbag systems, (similar to the side airbags on a car), the system will feature AOS’s proprietary system that the company has created to minimize the occurrence of injuries from ‘leg flail.’

“Leg flail is a situation where passengers seated laterally can suffer serious injuries because their legs are unrestrained during impacts,” Devine explained. “Our leg flail solution has proven during tests to greatly minimize occurrences of these types of injuries.”

 “The enthusiasm continues to build for the Citation Latitude,” said Shriner.  “Over half of the 28,000 necessary parts are complete. The first prototype is being assembled, and we anticipate that it will be flying by first quarter of 2014.”

To find out more about AOS and ABI see them at AOPA in Fort Worth, Texas, booth # 1328 and at NBAA in Las Vegas, Nevada, booth # C9240. Or visit their website http://aviationoccupantsafety.com/

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