Super Legend Testing Completed

American Legend Aircraft Company is pleased to announce the completion of structural testing of the Super Legend. The airframe was successfully tested to load limits and will meet S-LSA certification. The Super Legend is a Lycoming powered version of the Legend Cub. It was designed to enthrall and delight recreational flyers of the wildly popular Cub airframe.

In development since 2011, the Super Legend airframe was designed to match to the higher performing Lycoming IO-233 engine. Features include a flapped wing, balanced tail feathers, and new carbon fiber components. The Super Legend sports an adjustable forward seat and folding rear seat to improve access to an enhanced baggage compartment. Adding amenities and maintaining weight limits of S-LSA certification resulted in a unique combination of features and performance on the Super Legend.

Structural load testing of the Super Legend resulted in an airframe that fits within S-LSA limits of 1,320 lbs. GTOW. It's an aggressive performer, maxing out the Cub's wing speed profile while remaining true to its low-and-slow heritage. The same airframe will be available in a kit version and can be certified to 1,750 lbs. GTOW.

No modern Cub comes close to the price/performance of the Super Legend. Its flying characteristics can be expressed as pure Sport Pilot fun. Comparing favorably to classic aircraft that remain in service today, often the subject of restoration, a Super Legend has all the advantages of being new and the authenticity of a true Cub.

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