Quantum Control's Dynamic User Interface Transforms Everyone into a Power User

SAN DIEGO, CA, July 25, 2013 – Component Control launched its latest product video revealing its highly flexible and robust user interface that can turn any user into a power user.  The interface is designed to give users a quick overview of their detail-rich aviation business with the least amount of clicks possible and without having to move from screen to screen in order to complete a task. 

The key features of the Quantum navigation include:

  • A main navigation bar that acts as the gateway into every Quantum module
  • Hot keys for high-speed Quantum screen navigation
  • Detailed search functionality to easily recall data

Commented Todd Lewis, President of Component Control, “Our customers typically need access to a lot of data points concerning the customer, the work order, part details, and more, and they need this access as quickly as possible to keep business moving forward.  With Quantum, we’ve organized module access points to remain on the main tool bar to keep users focused on the task at hand instead of opening multiple modules.  We’ve enabled hot keys for every screen to reduce clicks and make repeatable tasks more efficient. Customizable information grids have been embedded so that every user can bring the information they need to the forefront and we’ve added critical search functions to each module that are tailored for the aviation industry such as  ‘Search WO’, or ‘Search the StockMarket’.  The design focus of Quantum’s user interface is to enable convenience and speed so that our customers can work as efficiently as possible.”  To learn more about Quantum’s navigation capabilities, click here to view the video.

About Component Control

Component Control, based in San Diego, Calif., is a leading developer and provider of MRO and Logistics Software solutions for the aviation industry. Its core product, Quantum ControlTM, provides advanced aviation management support to original equipment manufacturers, aftermarket service divisions, component repair and overhaul companies, fixed base operators, aircraft completion centers, airlines, MRO facilities, and part distribution/redistribution companies. Quantum is installed in over 50 countries and can be deployed as a single-site or a multinational solution. For more information, please visit www.componentcontrol.com.