AJW Technique achieve DGCA Indonesia Type Certificate Approval

Montréal, 17th July 2013: AJW Technique has been granted DGCA Type Certificate Approval by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) Indonesia. This approval comes only three months after the formal opening of the multi-skilled AJW Technique Component Repair and Overhaul facility in Montréal.

AJW Technique is fast developing a reputation for its commitment to quality. The facility was awarded EASA Part-145 Approved Maintenance Organisation status, as well as Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) approval, recognised by the USA Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which was granted earlier this year.

“At AJW the focus is always on delivering the best service we can across the global aviation marketplace,” commented Christopher Whiteside, President of AJW Group. “Achieving Approved Maintenance Organisation certification in South East Asia so quickly, clearly demonstrates that our capabilities across core technical skills are recognised worldwide. South East Asia remains one of the most significant growth centres for both business and commercial aviation across the industry. AJW Technique’s focus on product specific maintenance programmes, developed to drive down total cost of aircraft ownership, is well placed in such a commercially competitive environment. The organisation’s repair and overhaul capabilities provide a direct match to the 600 active, and further 600 ordered aircraft in the region which cover specific Boeing, Airbus, Embraer and Bombardier platforms.”

The Montréal facility is the centralised hub for the global AJW repair supply chain and will deliver a broad range of component repair and overhaul services to the AJW Aviation customer base of more than 800 airlines. Achieving TCCA and EASA approvals paved the way to attaining other regulatory authority accreditations, like the DGCA Indonesia Type Certificate Approval and during 2013 AJW Technique will also pursue AS9110 approval, ensuring AJW Technique is in line with the AJW group philosophy of best-in-class.

AJW Technique provides a broad range of component repair and overhaul services to the AJW Aviation customer base of more than 800 airlines. Utilising one of the best industry-specific engineering skill bases in the world, it is the centralised hub for the AJW repair supply chain. AJW Technique is focused on delivering world class reliability, guaranteed availability of components, and first class turn times to deliver improved efficiencies and minimise AOG costs; backed by superior warranties and competitive pricing. http://www.ajw-aviation.com/our-business/ajw-technique.html