Cascade Aircraft Management is Moving to Caldwell, Idaho

“We’ll be open before Oshkosh is ended,” said William C. “Bill” Weeks Jr., General Manager of Cascade Aircraft Management ( “We look forward to more flying days, better test-flying weather, and a better environment for our paint shop; and customers will find it’s easier to reach us (near Boise) than in our old home in Redmond (OR).”

The new facility, on the airport in Caldwell, ID, will sport a new paint booth, large enough for a King Air, plus upholstery, maintenance, avionics, composite fabrication, a builder-assist center, an office or two, and a customer showroom.

Well-known as the custom completion center for the Lancair Evolution, Weeks says the new facility will allow greater airframe diversity with its expanded space. But Cascade’s trademarks – high quality and low weight – will remain top priorities. “Customers appreciate getting the finest workmanship in their interiors,” Weeks said, “and the weight savings are important, as well. As an example, even with the high-line interiors, we save as much as 30 pounds, and that includes heated and cooled seats, backlit panels, and LED  lighting” with red interior running lights to preserve nighttime vision.

It’s due to advanced technology and better technique. “We properly employ new materials and techniques, and we’ve done a lot of engineering to make the best use of them.” Weeks cited a couple quick examples:  “Instead of fiberglass, we use carbon; we even pour our own foam seats with gel inserts.”

Cascade is moving even now, but looks forward to that day in early August when paint, interior, avionics, and builder-assist will all be available to owners of fast-glass Experimentals and Certified aircraft alike. “Come see us,” says Weeks.