Becker Avionics Airborne Digital Audio and Intercom System for Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA)

The DVCS6100 was specifically designed for the demanding tactical special mission applications ranging from MPA type operations, to EMS, Law Enforcement, as well as SAR and Forestry.

11 JULY 2013 - Miramar, FL -- Becker Avionics manufactures a series of highly reliable and rugged aviation intercom and audio control systems for airborne military, law enforcement and other special mission platforms, including the Digital Voice Communication System (DVCS) 6100.

Becker Avionics' DVCS6100 is the ideal audio and intercommunication system for Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA), in that it enhances the capabilities of surveillance, reconnaissance, search and rescue, target designation, anti-surface warfare and anti-submarine warfare mission aircraft. The DVCS6100 provides the perfect system solution for maritime patrol configured aircraft due to its software configurable features and capabilities. The DVCS6100 was specifically designed for the demanding tactical special mission applications ranging from MPA type operations, to EMS, Law Enforcement, as well as SAR and Forestry.

Modern maritime patrol aircraft typically carry a dozen or so crew members, including relief flight crews, in order to effectively operate the aircraft for 12 hours or more per mission. MPA aircraft platforms include the Kyushu Q1W, SB2U Vindicator, Breguet Alizé, Fairey Gannet, Grumman AF Guardian, Grumman S-2 Tracker, Lockheed S-3 Viking, Lockheed P-2 Neptune and P-3 Orion aircraft, and the new Boeing P-8 Poseidon.

The DVCS6100 has been chosen by customers around the world for use on a wide variety of civil and military platforms, fixed and rotary wing. It's the perfect complement to a military style maritime patrol mission, at a commercial off-the-shelf price. The system provides crewmembers easy access to multiple radios and intercom voice channels. The system is field-proven and provides a complete solution for operators demanding high quality, digital voice communication. Its high cross talk isolation, software configurable multiple private intercom talk groups and simulcast functionality provide crewmembers with the ideal solution for the mission.

Becker Avionics' DVCS6100 helps to fulfill maritime patrol, drug and migrant interdiction, disaster response, and search and rescue missions more effectively. Further, the system can also be used as part of a roll-on/roll-off Mission Systems Pallet's (MSP) equipment packages that some customers utilize.  

About the DVCS6100

The DVCS6100 design provides each customer with ability to match a wide range of operational requirements with only one system. The built-in scalability and flexibility reduces not only the cost and time requirements for constant re-engineering and certification for a tailored system solution, but also reduces the learning curve for integration, maintenance and troubleshooting time. Through software programming options, the system is both easily and quickly configurable to individual customer requirements, thus saving time and money.

The DVCS' open system architecture technology provides for operational comfort and superior voice quality, ensuring that almost any customer requirement can be met, while providing crystal clear communication for crew and passengers.

The state-of-the-art Digital DVCS6100 enhances the effectiveness of any aerial platform. When compared to a legacy analog audio and intercom system, Digital technology provides simplified installation, improved performance, reduced wiring and weight, along with reduced installation and maintenance costs. Furthermore, the comprehensive built-in-test (BIT) feature enables line maintenance crews to easily diagnose/isolate failures and to replace system components quickly.

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