Air BP Lubricants Releases Insights to the Airline Industry

Air BP Lubricants will release a comprehensive, up-to-date guide of the world’s turbine-engined aviation fleets next week, with individuals now able to pre-order a free copy online.

The Turbine-Engined Fleets of the World’s Airlines (TEF) Guide has been produced every year since 1970 from an annual survey of the world’s airlines, but has previously only been available to Air BP Lubricants customers.

Air BP Lubricants Global Sales Director Rodger Harris said the guide, available for order at, provided the only free, in-depth listing of the 57,000 turbine-engine equipped aircraft flying commercially today.

“We surveyed airlines across the globe to pull together the most comprehensive guide of turbine-engined aircraft possible," Mr. Harris said.

"In the past, the guide has been a helpful resource for our customers, and we are now releasing it publicly because we feel it is valuable to the industry to make it more widely available.”

Air BP Lubricants Technical Service Manager Nick Cleary said changes in data in the TEF Guide pinpointed emerging trends and transitions in commercial aviation, such as the recent move to higher performance, more efficient engine technology.

“Over the past 15 years, the guide has identified a 22 per cent increase in the number of engines flying, while the number using high thermal stability (HTS)/high performance capable (HPC) oils has increased by more than 150 per cent,” Mr. Cleary said.

“Of the 57,000 aircraft in this year’s guide, 12,000 have transitioned from standard engine oils to HTS/HPC products, which is indicative of the industry’s commitment to using cleaner and more efficient technologies.”

Mr. Harris said Air BP Lubricants produced the world’s leading HPC oil, BPTO 2197, which was the first oil to achieve an SAE AS5780A specification in addition to its HPC classification.

“We developed the TEF Guide because the information has real value in being able to identify and track aircraft trends within the airline industry,” Mr. Harris said.

“It’s proven invaluable to us and we can foresee it being an informative resource for others in the industry as well.”

About Air BP Lubricants

Air BP Lubricants specialises in developing aviation lubricant solutions for the commercial aviation industry. The business’s sole focus is on supporting aviation turbine oil technology through new product development as well as providing customer and manufacturing support. As the industry’s leading turbine oil provider, Air BP Lubricants supplies the cleanest, most technologically advanced lubricants to major airlines, private operators, helicopter and military customers. Air BP Lubricants has a strong presence globally via direct sales as well as being represented locally through key distributors.