Legacy Aviation Services Obtains Mexican Repair Authority

Yukon, Oklahoma – July 10, 2013 The DGAC (Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil) has granted Legacy Aviation Services authority to repair and service Mexican registered aircraft.  The DGAC is the equivalent to the FAA in the United States and holds jurisdiction over Mexican airspace and aircraft.

What used to be a cumbersome procedure with tons of paperwork involved has been streamlined to permit Mexican aircraft to enter the US for regular repair and maintenance and also for special modifications with far less bureaucracy.

“Legacy is centrally located for US and Mexican aircraft,” said RJ Gomez, Legacy CEO. “With the repair authority, Mexican aircraft can receive services here at Legacy far easier than they could from a service center that does not have the DGAC approval. Legacy has always been a firm devoted to servicing our customers south of the border. Working to gain approval in receiving this authority is another example of how Legacy works to make our customers’ experience better. Plus, se habla español.”

About Legacy Aviation Services

Legacy Aviation Services is a comprehensive aircraft repair and refurbishment center at Oklahoma City’s C.E. Page Airport and works on turboprops to jets. Legacy is also an authorized Twin Commander service center. For more information call 405-350-2100 or visit the website www.legacy-aviation.com.