AJW Technique and the IAMAW Union Pass Another Milestone

Montréal, 10th July 2013: Labour relations were solidified today as AJW Technique ratified its first collective bargaining agreement with a fast-growing list of enthusiastic employees.

Negotiations with the IAMAW (International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers) have been very constructive and progressed smoothly over the past 6 months since initial acquisition. A common goal for both AJW Technique and IAMAW was the development of an exceptional MRO with a world-class employee skill-set, able to compete in today’s competitive market place. The co-operative spirit of the team and growing trust between Union and Company, has enabled a collaborative Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) to be written in record time.

AJW Technique now has almost 70 employees at its Montreal facility and more joining the team each week as the organisation expands to meet customer demand. This development has given a welcome start to many of the experienced technicians that live in a city so focused on aviation. Numbers of staff at AJW’s new MRO are expected to push beyond 200 by the end of 2014.

The relatively simple structure and well-developed content of the CBA enables flexibility within the workplace, positioning the Company perfectly to best meet the demands of its customers. Long standing members of the Union were very happy to see an agreement which concentrated on providing a quality-focused, safe and stable workplace for its membership. Core values within the new CBA document outline key directives that have always been part of standard practice within the AJW Group; equality, honesty and community. These priorities ensure that AJW Technique will progress swiftly to become a market leader in its industry and best in its class.

General Manager Gavin Simmonds stated, “Investing in people is the responsible way to guarantee ultimate business success, which is exactly what we have done at AJW Technique. We give employees everything they need to do their job in the most efficient manner, thus allowing the Company to prosper on behalf of our customers, our employees and the AJW Group itself.”

AJW Technique provides a broad range of component repair and overhaul services to the A J Walter Aviation customer base of more than 800 airlines. Utilising one of the best industry-specific engineering skill bases in the world, it is the centralised hub for the AJW repair supply chain. This is focused on delivering world class reliability, guaranteed availability of components, and first class turn times to deliver improved efficiencies and minimise AOG costs; and the provision of superior warranties backed up by competitive pricing. www.ajw-technique.com