EPS Making Progress on Certification of Vision 350 Flat-V Diesel Aero-Engine

Innovations Booth #9, AirVenture at Oshkosh

 “While the weight of the Vision 350 will prove out at between 30 and 50 pounds greater than a typical turbocharged six-cylinder avgas engine, the fuel efficiency more than compensates for that difference. We are seeing fuel flows of under 11 GPH at 65% power.”

The twin-turbocharged Vision 350 is the first to test an aircraft engine on Mount Evans using a mobile test laboratory. The venerable Liberty V-12 tested its turbocharging program in 1918 on Pike’s Peak in a similar fashion.

EPS will be displaying its Vision 350 diesel at AirVenture 2013 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin from July 29-August 4, at Innovations Pavilion, booth #9.

EPS Inc. is currently developing the pre-production versions of its unique and innovative “Flat-Vee” engine design, which promises to be the weight-competitive, fuel-efficient, liquid-cooled, reliable engine that General Aviation manufacturers have sought for some time. The 350(+) hp engine is designed to fit legacy, current production and future civil and military applications. The senior management team at EPS includes Michael Fuchs (President; CEO) and Steven Weinzierl (VP; CTO).

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