Kitchener Aero’s Digital Avionics Retrofit Package for King Air 200s

Kitchener, Ontario, CANADA – Kitchener Aero Avionics (KAAV) - one of Canada’s premiere avionics and special missions modifiers - is pleased to announce a complete digital cockpit upgrade for the KingAir 200. KAAV also offers the G-1000 Cockpit upgrade, but for those that do not wish to upgrade to the full G-1000 suite, this retrofit package offers up a capable and costeffective alternative.

At the center of this package is the Dual Garmin G600 Flight Display system with Taws-B. It replaces the standard “heavy-iron” avionics suite that originally came with King Air 200s.

Garmin’s G600 system offers PFD & MFD with Synthetic Vision, an Autopilot/Flight Director interface, digital AirData & AHRS Attitude/Heading Reference. The technology is derived from Garmin’s highly successful G1000 integrated avionics system. This package is significantly lighter than the OEM avionics packages were!

Also included in this upgrade is Garmin’s GTN650 touch screen Navigators along with the Garmin GTX33ES Transponder with ADS-B Out. Other systems of note in this package include Garmin’s new state-of-the-art GWX70 Weather Radar and GTS 825 Traffic Avoidance Systems, GDL69 XM DataLink, an L3 Trilogy Electronic Standby Instrument System and an S-TEC 2100 3-Axis Digital Flight Control System. All old wiring, J-boxes, and avionics provisions are removed, all antennas re-bonded, and antenna cables replaced to achieve optimal long-term reliability.

Barry Aylward, President of KAAV stated “Once again our team has created an important and valuable upgrade for our customers and the King Air fleet as a whole. The King Air 200 is a proven workhorse to many operators. This upgrade brings incredible avionics improvements to the cockpit, brings total dispatch reliability, meets all current and proposed mandates, and saves a significant amount of weight”. The cost of this avionics upgrade also goes right on to the aircraft’s “Blue Book” value, so it’s represents a tremendous investment for all King Air 200 operators.