XR BLACK EDITION VII™ - Designed for Extreme and Harsh Operating Environments

PALO ALTO, CALIF.  July 1, 2013 - Victor Aviation Service, Inc. is proud to introduce the XR BLACK EDITION VII™, a new cutting edge piston engine overhaul program for aircraft operation in the most extreme and harsh operating environments. High temperature external ceramic finishing and internal engine coatings enhance the engine's ability to resist corrosion and surface fatigue from moisture, salt air, and extreme operating temperatures.

Engines provide enhanced power, vibration reduction, corrosion resistance, improved fuel efficiency and improved thermal emission properties.  Engines are cryogenic tested from -320 degrees to +300 degrees Fahrenheit; vibratory stress relieved and includes isotropic finished engine parts for improved engine performance.

Engine models include all normally aspirated, fuel injected and turbocharged 360, 470, 520, 540, 550, 541 and 720 cubic inch engine models for Lycoming and Continental Motors engines and include an extended limited engine warranty.

The XR and XRT Black Edition VII™ engine overhaul program is available for General Aviation, Experimental and Rotorcraft piston aircraft and also available exchange or outright on new Continental Motors or Lycoming factory engines through Victor Aviation’s global service network.

Victor Aviation is the world’s number one quality piston engine overhaul provider celebrating their 36th year in business under the same ownership. The XR Black Edition VII™ is a welcomed addition to the lineup of the time proven “Power-By-Victor” family of aircraft engines and is included in the Aircraft Price Digest as added value to aircraft.

More information is available at http://www.victor-aviation.com