Aviation Online Learning Receives FAA Acceptance for its New IA Renewal Seminar

Aviation Online Learning (www.aviationonlinelearning.com) is pleased to announce FAA Acceptance of their new Inspection Authorization Renewal Seminar on the Internet! It is the first of its type available for complete Inspection Authorization renewal. Aviation Online Learning’s Internet renewal program is completely interactive, and successful completion satisfies the 8-hour requirement under FAR 65.93(a)(4).

Aviation Online Learning Internet Renewal Seminar can be accessed and completed whenever it is convenient. An IA can complete the 8 Blocks during the course of the year one Block at a time, or all at one time if preferred. After successful completion the FAA accepted Completion of Training Certificate will be issued at the touch of a button, and all pertinent IA information will appear on it. The certificate will be valid for the year it is issued. You may then take the course again, the following year to meet the requirements of 8 hours of learning for the two consecutive years.                   

Aviation Online Learning Internet Renewal Seminar is composed of Eight Blocks of learning, the majority of FARs needed by every IA to stay out of trouble with the FAA by making appropriate airworthiness decisions. With this interactive website, you will build an Airworthiness Flowchart (a one of a kind guideline pictured above right) that can be printed out at the touch of a button and should be in every IA’s toolbox.

Aviation Online Learning Internet Renewal Seminar is very inexpensive. The total cost is only $125 and is payable easily using PayPal, where you can also use a credit card if necessary. Similar seminars cost over twice as much, and are not interactive!

Aviation Online Learning Seminar has full Audio narrations with Interactive and Visual aids!

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