ACJC Keeps Your Corporate Jet Cabin Connected in Real Time, Wherever You Fly

Backed by its former experience on this technology, ACJC, the specialist in Airbus Corporate Jet VIP cabin completion and nose-to-tail services, is the first completion centre to install and activate the system GCS (Global Communication Suite), on a single aisle Airbus aircraft.

In close collaboration with Panasonic, this KU-Band antenna provides superior performance at high latitudes and equatorial region offering to corporate customer a real office in the sky or a live entertainment place for friends and family.

Only via one single antenna, ACJC’s Middle Eastern client will be able to watch real-time TV from all over the world, enjoying the same type of high-quality entertainment at 35,000 feet that they would watch at home. Programs are broadcasted live and uninterrupted despite the change of satellite zone or flying over oceans. In short, a private global network providing live news, sports, business/ finance, weather, entertainment….

Plus customer can enjoy a high speed WIFI internet connection all through the cabin and gives call or browses the net from their mobile phone via the local aircraft GSM network. Businessmen can set a Visio- conference or conference-call with offices worldwide.

This new intervention on corporate jet Airbus ACJ319, has open a new collaboration between ACJC and Panasonic, leader in this brand new technology. Usually KU-Band antenna is used by airlines though a greater demand seems to conquer the Bizjet market.

The strong knowledge of ACJC on Airbus aircrafts was a key-factor to master the integration of the connectivity on this corporate jet.

ACJC received the award as “Best Improver” at EBACE Airshow in Geneva, on the 21-23 May, among the 9 companies in its network of approved completion centers by Airbus.

Airbus Corporate Jet Centre

Dedicated to providing quality cabin-outfitting and innovative packages of customised nose-to-tail services for Airbus ACJ family aircraft, the Airbus Corporate Jet Centre (ACJC) is small enough to provide personal service to customers, with around 270 employees, but is also backed by the full resources of its shareholder, Airbus, the world's largest manufacturer of modern airliners.

Based in Toulouse, France, ACJC has already contracted with prestigious customers in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. It attributes its success to a strong technical background, plus highly skilled employees that have now completed thirteen ACJ cabins. Including former EADS Sogerma deliveries, Airbus Corporate Jet Centre is now the world leader for ACJ319/ACJ320 VIP cabin completion, having delivered 24 VIP cabins for Airbus aircraft.

The Airbus Corporate Jet Centre also specialises in tailor-made services and maintenance for ACJs, including the A320, A330 and A340 families. Increasing its teams and the capacity of its facilities, in 2009 the company launched VIP Pass, a package of nose-to-tail services developed for executive and private operators of Airbus corporate jets.

Airbus Corporate Jet Centre

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