NAVIAIR Heightens Surveillance Capabilities With COMSOFT’s Wide Area Multilateration Network

NAVIAIR will perform a cutting-edge upgrade to their surveillance network in order to provide enhanced and precise Air Traffic Control services throughout Denmark.
Following a rigorous evaluation process German surveillance expert COMSOFT
were awarded the contract which will see the installations of 25 WAM stations
across 23 sites country-wide, including Ålborg, Århus, Billund, Copenhagen and
Roskilde airports, as well as two oil rigs in the North Sea.
Danish airspace extends over 61,000 square km, from the North Sea, across to
Zealand and from the German border to Norway. Copenhagen Airport in Kastrup
is home to NAVIAIR’s Control Centre where all Danish air traffic is organised, it
is also Scandinavia’s International hub, serving over 21 million passengers per
year with up to 850 take-offs and landings on busy days.
NAVIAIR Air Traffic Services include En-route, Approach and Tower Control, as
well as flight information, briefing and alerting services and a Search and
Rescue Service, which makes the difficult surveillance of helicopters essential.
Wide Area Multilateration (WAM) and ADS-B capabilities will be provided by
COMSOFT’s ultra-compact remote sensors linked to a Quadrant Central
Processor. This will provide high accuracy multilateration coverage for
Denmark’s airspace and approaches, with an unrivalled ADS-B range extending
beyond 300 NM. This provides a capability superior to secondary radar, with a
higher accuracy, but at considerably lower costs.
The Quadrant Solution will allow for complex Air Traffic Management tasks to
be performed, including in areas currently lacking comprehensive coverage, so
with the placement of compact receiver stations on offshore oil platforms
coastal surveillance gaps can be eliminated.
The superior product is built for extreme weather conditions so Denmark’s
often icy temperatures present no challenge for a system that can cope at both
ends of the temperature scale, having proven its abilities from Iceland to the
Arabian dessert. Its exceptionally low power consumption also makes it an
economical option that fits well with Copenhagen’s Ecofriendly image as
European Green Capital 2014.
Quadrant is an expandable, integrated solution providing independent position
measurement using multilateration techniques, by means of multiple remote
ground stations reporting over conventional communication links. Advanced
computer processing techniques allow aircraft position to be precisely
calculated, and typically updated much more frequently than conventional
radar, with update rates of one second being completely feasible.
COMSOFT GmbH was established in 1979 and has been active in the ATC
domain for over 20 years. Today the company’s expertise covers a vast
proportion of the modern ATM industry, including innovative surveillance and
communication solutions, such as ADS-B and Multilateration sensors, while
their products for aeronautical message handling have become market-leaders.
The continuous development of current technologies is a permanent focus and
the company enjoys a worldwide reputation in this market.
NAVIAIR re-organised into a company owned by the Danish State in October
2010. NAVIAIR contributes to the creation of value and welfare for society by
developing and providing safe and efficient Air Traffic Management (ATM).
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