NASA Langley Joins Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing


PARIS AIR SHOW, June 19, 2013 - NASA Langley Research Center and the Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CCAM) today announced that NASA will join CCAM as a government member.

The move will create opportunities for joint participation in research and development of new surface engineering technologies and manufacturing systems. 

NASA's expertise, combined with the manufacturing capabilities of CCAM members, will speed the process of bringing novel technologies to market sooner. These developments will have applications in the aerospace industry, space exploration, satellite system development, consumer products and beyond. 

"Throughout history NASA Langley has been a pioneer in innovation," said Armand F. Lauzon Jr., chairman of the CCAM board. "With its vast expertise and guidance, and the CCAM industry partners' manufacturing and technology leadership, we are poised for new developments in the core CCAM areas of manufacturing systems and surface technologies."

"These developments will have broad ranging impacts critical to NASA and industry, including the ability to strengthen composites and fortify alloys and metals, and improve manufactured fuselages, space vehicle equipment, satellite components and other equipment."

Lesa Roe, NASA Langley's director, said "our collaboration with CCAM will combine the strengths of NASA in basic science and applications critical to aeronautics and space exploration, with the proven advanced manufacturing engineering and technology capabilities of the CCAM membership. This combination is critical in translating new ideas into commercial practice as quickly and cost-effectively as possible." 


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