Palm Beach Aircraft Propeller Acquires AeroScan

Lantana, Florida June 17, 2013:  AeroScan M5 ‘Blade Measuring System’ is once again in production.  AeroScan M5 is an aircraft propeller blade measuring system which accurately measures five dimensions of a propeller blade airfoil at each station. A few years ago south Florida based Palm Beach Aircraft Propeller, Inc. acquired AeroScan with hopes of improving the system through enhancements in the software and improving the hardware interface. Since that time vast improvements have been made and existing machines have been upgraded. Current owners have reported more accurate measurements and are excited about the ease of use that the new software provides. New production will include these upgrades and another improvement which will automate the movement of the carriage.

Traditional blade measurement procedures require an operator to use several tools to measure five different measurement dimensions at several stations on each blade. These ‘dimensions’ include width, thickness, angle, edge alignment and face alignment. During a propeller overhaul, each blade must be measured before it is reworked to determine if it is will be airworthy after it is reworked. This is a time consuming process and may allow for the introduction of human error during the measurement and data recording process. After the blades have been reworked they must be measured again. This manual process adds time to the overhaul of a propeller.

The AeroScan M5 blade measuring system provides an automated method to accurately measure the airfoil of a propeller blade’s five dimensions at one time. The process measures each of the five dimensions at each of the blade’s stations. With some blades having as many as 15+ stations, using AeroScan to measure the blade’s airfoil dramatically reduces the time it takes to measure a blade and increases accuracy by removing the possibility of human error.

Aircraft maintenance facilities and pilots rely on propeller overhaul shops to be as accurate and fast as possible when overhauling their propeller. Aircraft maintenance facilities and pilots should insist on having their propeller overhauled at a shop which uses the AeroScan M5 blade measuring system to achieve a fast and accurate result.

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