Amphenol Socapex Launches MODUL R, the New Connectors Range for Next Generation Avionics

The MODUL R was created in response to the electronic packaging evolution requiring advanced features in terms of resistance, size and weight reduction along with easy maintenance and modularity.

“This new connector meets the needs of the electronic packaging architecture evolution towards more modularity. Modul R can adapt itself to customer needs regardless of the nature, the function of the card, or the box,” said Gregory Devineau, Manager of the Aerospace at Amphenol Socapex.

Key features and benefits of this new product include:

-Modularity and high performance with 6U&3U formats for all size packaging adaptation and large range of modules: high speed (to 15 GB/s transmission), high density, signal, power (10, 36 and 70A) to be configured according to specific needs.

-High resistance to harsh environments with ruggedized mechanical interface (shocks and vibration) and an EMI (electro magnetic interference) protection

-Compatibility with thermal clamps offering a ± 0.4mm lateral displacement

Currently dual source, this new connector will be standardized within the framework of European projects (CORAC, GENOME, IDEE5, Primae ...).

MODUL R will be presented on the Amphenol stand (Stand E80 hall 2B) at the Paris Air Show from June 17 to 23, 2013.

About Amphenol Socapex

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