DART Now Offering R66 Field Maintenance Kit

Hawkesbury – (June 18, 2013) - DART Aerospace now offers a complete field maintenance kit carefully designed for the R66 aircraft.  The kit that is packaged in a sturdy Pelican case features every tool you will need to perform routine field maintenance on the R66.  Every tool is encapsulated in a foam liner to ensure proper order of tools and safe transport.

Tools Included in the Kit:

RBMT141-3                WASHER                                                               QTY 1

RBT18102-3               FEELER GAUGE .001                                                QTY 1

RBT18102-5               WASHER                                                               QTY 2

RBMT260-6                TRDS RUNOUT IND. KIT                                           QTY 1

RBMT359-1                SPRING SCALE                                                       QTY 1

RBT18102-11              100cc BEAKER                                                       QTY 2

RBT18102-13              SYRINGE 60cc                                                       QTY 1

RBT18102-15              TUBE                                                                   QTY 1

RB23007638-S           FUEL NOZZLE WRENCH                                             QTY 1

RBT18102-19              SOCKET                                                               QTY 1

RBT18102-21              MAGNIFYING GLASS 10X                                         QTY 1

RBT18102-23              FEELER GAUGE SET                                                QTY 1

RBT18102-25              TORQUE SEAL BLUE                                               QTY 1

RBMT526-8                M/R BLADE TRIM TAB BENDER                                  QTY 1

RBMT352-1                GAUGE ASSY. M/R BLADE                                        QTY 1

RBT18102-31              MEDIUM FUNNEL                                                   QTY 1

RBT18102-33              SMALL FUNNEL                                                     QTY 1

RBT18101                  M/R PICH LENGTH AD                                             QTY 1

RBT18102-37              DYE PENETRATE CHECK KIT                                    QTY 1

RBMT054-1                DRAIN ASSY. M/R GEAR BOX                                    QTY 1



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