New General Manager and in New Offices for METALSCAN in France

Bruno LEBRUN became the new General Manager of METALSCAN in France in December 2012. A specialist in the field of non-destructive testing for more than 15 years, Bruno LEBRUN worked in the industrial division of Olympus NDT based in Québec before joining METALSCAN in 2011. A former expatriate, whose knowledge in ironworks and industrial production is of great benefit to the enterprise, his mission is to define the global strategy of METALSCAN which was acquired by the TECNATOM group in 2004: international development, expansion of the market share in the aeronautic business which needs non-destructive testing for the echography of its materials as well as in the composites markets, and the creation of new product portfolios. With a view to expansion and to merge its former sites, METALSCAN has moved into new and more spacious offices (approximately 3,000 square metres) near Chalon-sur-Saône.

METALSCAN, which today is part of the TECNATOM group, hopes to strengthen its role as an expert and major player in all areas of non-destructive ultrasonic testing. The core of the challenge: research and development which guarantees command of the complete process (acoustic, mechanical, software, electronic) from a study level to the composition and production of testing products or whole ultrasonic inspection systems which are robust, stable and innovative.


Established in 1984, METALSCAN develops and produces non-destructive testing solutions and offers a wide range of services in the domain of ultrasonic controlling systems. For many years, METALSCAN has proved its integrity by gaining the trust of large companies in the follow areas: aeronautic, energy, ironworks, tube and pipe, railroad and petrochemical. METALSCAN is also a team of certified experts with skills in acoustics, mechanics, software and electronics. Today METALSCAN is part of the Spanish group TECNATOM (128 million euro turnover, 850 employees) –