Flight Crew Social Network Arrives

Bibafly, an exclusive Flight Crew Social Network that facilitates contact with other aviation
professionals everywhere, helps with the organization of their day-to-day, layover time and
agendas. Bibafly is a new way of communicating between users and of enjoying special benefits
and promotions for shopping, attending shows or sporting events, as well as getting info on
events, courses or job offers.
"When you get off the clouds, get on Bibafly"
Bibafly has already taken off. From now on, flight crews worldwide can get this app for free on
their mobile devices to make the most of their day to day.
Bibafly was born to manage layover leisure time, to offer varied options for relaxing & having
fun or to locate other users around the world.
In this way, Bibafly users can share their flight schedules with their airline colleagues, friends
and former classmates, their photos of their layovers and their personal recommendations about
restaurants, pubs or shops worldwide. They can access aviation news and exclusive promotions,
personalized tours in many cities or discounts on events and shows.
Bibafly users can set the privacy options themselves and choose which updates they want to
share with their friends or make public.
The team of this fun and dynamic social network is formed by senior developers and aviation
professionals with several years of experience in this sector. Among them, Sandra Santos, a
current stewardess for Japan Airlines and Lucia Taboada, an ex-cabin purser, expert on online
marketing and aviation blogger.
Bibafly has generated great interest and excitement among aviation professionals worldwide,
who are starting to follow Bibafly in social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn
and Instagram.
Bibafly can be downloaded for free from the following link http://bit.ly/12NFHpL for iOS
devices & from the following http://bit.ly/18Pub2M for Android devices
For further info: contact@bibafly.com / www.bibafly.com