New FrontierMEDEX AirAssist Helps Corporate Aircraft Crews Handle In-Flight Emergencies

BALTIMORE (June 10, 2013) – FrontierMEDEX has launched AirAssist, a new aviation assistance program designed to help corporate aircraft crews handle in-flight emergencies, as well as address situations while on the ground.  

“A medical emergency can happen anywhere at any time. It’s how people react to these emergencies that can make a difference to the outcome,” said Michael Hartkopf, president of Global Solutions, Assistance and Security for FrontierMEDEX. “AirAssist provides the support to ensure pilots and crews can respond to any passenger or personnel emergency. It also makes it convenient for customers looking for a single source for all of their security, travel and medical assistance needs.”

Clients using FrontierMEDEX AirAssist will have access to a number of key services, including:

  • In-Flight Emergency Medical Consultations: Immediate access to STAT-MD emergency physicians located at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. STAT-MD physicians are specially trained to manage emergencies at altitude. They are able to talk crew through a medical emergency and can coordinate with dispatch, operations and ground emergency medical services if a flight diversion is necessary.
  • Medical and Security Evacuation: With a 24/7 Emergency Response Center, FrontierMEDEX can coordinate an air ambulance evacuation, or deploy a security team to evacuate people from trouble spots anywhere in the world.
  • Medical and Safety Training for Flight Crews: Developed by faculty from the world- renowned Center for Emergency Medicine of Western Pennsylvania, Inc., FrontierMEDEX offers critical hands-on training to pilots and flight crews to handle medical emergencies in the air and on the ground. 
  • Access to FrontierMEDEX Intelligence Tools and Services: 
    • FrontierMEDEX’s MemberCenter, WorldWatch and MEDEX 360° tools provide localized risk assessments, security alerts, information on major medical facilities and more for destinations across the world.
    • Localized, in-depth intelligence briefs and trip-monitoring services.

Additional AirAssist services include provision of medical kits and equipment, a variety of on-the-ground assistance and pre-board screening to support passengers or crew with special health needs.

AirAssist strengthens FrontierMEDEX’s position as a leading single source for comprehensive medical, security and travel assistance needs.  These services include medical referrals, access to emergency medical care, hotel safety and security assessments, help with lost travel documents, provision of personal protection agents, secure ground transportation, aircraft guarding and more. 


STAT-MD physicians are specialists in emergency medicine from the Center for Emergency Medicine of Western Pennsylvania, Inc., and they are supported by the collective resources and specialties of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Trained Medical Coordinators manage the 24/7/365 world-class STAT-MD Communications Center. 

About FrontierMEDEX

FrontierMEDEX provides companies, governments and individuals with a fully integrated medical, safety and security solution that is focused on prevention, intervention and response. With a 24/7/365 Emergency Response Center in Baltimore, Md., FrontierMEDEX has additional offices in Washington, D.C., Houston, Calgary, Mitcheldean (UK) and Dubai, with more than 1,200 field staff, medical and safety personnel in locations around the world. For more information, call 1-800-537-2029 or visit