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Swissport Continues Efforts To Get Back To Business In Ukraine

Following a binding court decision on March 27 in Kiev, Ukraine, Swissport International Ltd. (Swissport) has lost ownership and control of its affiliate Swissport Ukraine with immediate effect.

Swissport has appealed to the Highest Economic Court in the Ukraine against the decision. Swissport very much appreciates the support and active involvement of the Ukrainian government, the First Vice Prime Minister of the Ukraine, Serhiy Arbuzov, who has recently been nominated as the new Head of the Ukrainian Anti-Raiding Committee, as well as the Swiss and French Embassies in the Ukraine.

On June 11, the court appeal hearing at the Highest Economic Court in the Ukraine will take place. Swissport International is very much looking forward to these proceedings.

Since the loss of ownership of Swissport Ukraine following a court decision in Kiev on March 27, Swissport International put great efforts into publicizing details of the case that was based on alleged violations of shareholder formalities. Swissport never violated any of these formalities and always respected all rights of the minority shareholder.

Swissport International very much appreciates the support and active involvement of the Ukrainian government both in its role as facilitator as well as in scrutinizing this case of total loss of foreign investment.

And Swissport strongly values the active support of the Swiss and French embassies in the Ukraine, which is based on their interest to ensure that the Ukraine is a safe country for any future foreign capital investments.

In addition to the support of the Ukrainian government and the Swiss and French Embassies a very influential Ukrainian oligarch has offered to act as a facilitator, and Swissport has made the EU Commission and Ukrainian Partnership Delegation of the EU aware of its case.

Swissport has also submitted a concrete offer for an amicable solution to UIA via its facilitators and is still awaiting UIA’s or Mr. Mayberg´s reply.

Swissport International Ltd. provides ground services for around 118 million passengers and 3.5 million tonnes of cargo a year on behalf of some 650 client-companies in the aviation sector. With a workforce of around 40,000 personnel, Swissport is active at 180 stations in 37 countries on five continents, and generates annual consolidated operating revenue of CHF 1.9 billion.

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