Recognition of Charles Taylor and Master Mechanic Award Winners

The National Museum of the United States Air Force at Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio is the next focus of gathering funds to provide a bust of Charles E. Taylor. 

Donations above the $10,000 needed for the “Wall of Honor" project will be placed toward this bust donation effort. This donation campaign will be titled "Craft & Profession CET Donation."

This bronze bust donation campaign will also include a kiosk that will hold the names for all the recipients of the FAA's Charles E. Taylor Master Mechanic Award. The kiosk will be able to allow a user to type in a recipient’s name and that person's information will come up. If one exists a picture will appear along with that person's bio. This kiosk will become the electronic "Book of Honor" which originally held all the names of the Charles E. Taylor Master Mechanic Award recipients. Bill O'Brien who was the FAA Inspector that created this award started placing these names in a leather bound book. This will carry on Bill's efforts to remember and recognize the many men and women who have earned this coveted award.

The bronze bust of Charlie will cost $6,000 and the kiosk, which will be purchased from OLEA Kisoks, Inc., will cost roughly $3,000 - $3,500. This is because of the potential to have a vinyl wrap placed over the kiosk along with shipping. The software development will cost $5,000 and will be designed by KioWare Kiosk Software. So the total amount of donations necessary for this drive is $14,500.

Unlike the "Wall of Honor" donations this donation drive is not fighting a deadline. Considering this is the 110th celebration of the Wright brothers’ first powered, controlled flight which Charlie was a big part of this bust and kiosk donation is a fitting tribute. With a little luck perhaps the donations can be raised before December 2013 in honor of the 110th celebration.

Donations may be mailed to:


Ken MacTiernan

11772 Carmel Creek Road #107

San Diego, CA 92130