ASIG (Aircraft Service International Group)

ASIG Voted Best Airport Jet Fuel Operator By Airline Industry

ASIG®, an industry leader in aviation services, announced today that it has once again been named the “World’s Best Jet Fuel Operator” by the airline industry in a recent independent survey conducted by the Jet Fuel Report, published by the Armbrust Aviation Group.

The publication, which covers the global jet fuel industry, conducted its 17th annual survey. The survey asks airlines and other industry peers to rank aviation jet fuel providers (both independents and oil companies) on criteria such as the quality of operations, comparisons between oil companies and the independents, and changes since the previous year.

Nearly 100 replies to the survey were received accounting for 75 percent of the jet fuel business worldwide. This also marks the 8th consecutive year in which ASIG has won this award.

Michael Scheeringa, President and CEO of BBA Aviation’s Flight Support division, of which ASIG is a part, remarked, “Our team members at ASIG are truly world class. This award is a great recognition of their daily commitment for our customers.”