HeliRussia-2013 Has Become the Largest European Helicopter Event of the Year

A total of 205 companies from 18 countries took part in the 6th International Exhibition of Helicopter Industry.

In the framework of the Conference, there were the master classes "Work of an aviation medical team during evacuation of a patient for a long distance", held by the professional training centre for aviation medical teams, All-Russian Centre for Disaster Medicine Zaschita  of the Ministry of Healthcare of Russia, using a helicopter Ka-226T; and “Emergency medical assistance to victims at the scene by ambulance helicopters» held by the members of Research and Practice Centre of Emergency Medical Assistance of the Healthcare Department of Moscow using a helicopter Eurocopter EC-145. 

The participants were very interested in signing of an agreement in the area of airworthiness and its implementation procedures between the AR IAC and the Directorate of Civil Aviation of Peru.  The document facilitates the issuance of export certificates of airworthiness and makes a registration procedure of new Russian-made helicopters in the aviation register of the Republic easier and, actually, opens the Peru sky to Russian helicopters.

On May 17, Russian Helicopters JSC signed an agreement with PANH on joint work on expanding use of civil helicopters. The document provides for cooperation in the field of leading exploitation of new and modified types of the Russian helicopters in the production conditions, research of customers’ requirements appearance, technical and economic characteristics of commercial helicopters, peculiarities of their use and application in Russia and other countries of the world. The companies also intend to jointly evaluate the technological level and competitiveness of existing and prospective civilian rotary-wing aircraft, and to determine general direction of the modernization of the Russian civilian helicopter technique in accordance with the requirements of the aviation market. In addition, among the projects outlined in the agreement is the creation, manufacture and use of simulators for training of new Russian helicopters.

On the first day of the exhibition, AgustaWestland helicopter distributor in Russia, the company Exclases Holdings signed a new contract on supply of five helicopters AW139 of the Russian manufacture. The machines will be delivered in the VIP and transportation configuration.   

Transas Aviation CJSC of Transas Group and Jet Transfer, an official representative of the American manufacturer of helicopters Bell Helicopter, signed a cooperation agreement on installation of GLONASS / GPS into helicopters Bell-407 and Bell-429. Equipping Bell helicopters with GLONASS / GPS TSS (Transas Satellite System) receiver-indicator by Transas will be carried out in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation on equipping all foreign-made aircraft operating in the Russian Federation with GLONASS by January 2017.

Also, a lot of attention of the exhibitors was paid to the international conference "Market of helicopters: realities and perspectives" organized by the Association of Helicopter Industry and the industry agency Aviaport. The conference considered the options of the Russian helicopter market from the perspective of consumers and producers of helicopter machinery with participation of representatives of the leading operators and manufacturers of helicopters. According to the moderator of the Conference, Executive Director of the industry agency Aviaport - Oleg Panteleyev, today Russian companies prefer to buy foreign light helicopters instead of the heavy domestic ones. Domestic machines of Mi-8/17 class are replaced with lighter machines of foreign production. In 2012, the Russian manufacturers summarily supplied 20 civilian machines to the domestic market, most of them were for public customers and federal departments. At the same time, 97 foreign machines were supplied to the Russian market last year. The biggest share belongs to the lightest helicopter Robinson-44: last year, in the domestic market of Russia 58 machines of this model were sold.

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