HeliRussia-2013 Has Become the Largest European Helicopter Event of the Year

A total of 205 companies from 18 countries took part in the 6th International Exhibition of Helicopter Industry.

After the opening of the exhibition, Yury Slyusar, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, conferred a decoration ‘Honorary Aircraft Builder of the Russian Federation’ on Cesario Kacci and Alberto Ponti, representatives of AgustaWestland. 

According to the Company,  already in June of this year the first AW139 assembled in Russia will be delivered to the client who ordered two machines. The second one will be shipped in autumn. All helicopters will be in the VIP configuration with integrated anti-icing system that allows to operate the machines under any weather conditions.  

At their stand, Eurocopter presented two machines – a light helicopter EC-145 prepared for medical emergencies and casualty evacuation, as well as the company’s bestseller – an upgraded light helicopter EC-130 T2 which is by far the quietest helicopter in its class. For EC-130 T2 only, the order quantities in 2012 exceeded 70 pcs.

The key element of the Russian exposition was a joint stand of PC Rostechnologies which included the displays of such companies as UIC Oboronprom OJSC, Concern of Radio-Electronic Technologies (KRET) OJSC, a joint stand of Rosoboronexport and Concern of Aviation Equipment.

In addition to the above-mentioned Ka-226T, Mi-35M and Ansat, at their stand Russian Helicopters presented the layouts of all helicopters manufactured by the company at the moment.

Before the show, the company also announced that it might resume the process of remotorization of its light helicopter Mi-34. The updated machine, the dates of manufacturing of which have yet to be determined, will be manufactured at a joint Russian and Italian venture HeliVert near Moscow. 

A member of Oboronprom, United Engine Construction Corporation (ODK) showcased a number of new engines, including a fifth-generation turboshaft engine VC-800V with high efficiency and low cost of production. Schwabe Holding demonstrated a survey and search system GOES-337M for for helicopters Mi-17. It provides 24-hour detection, identification, seizure and automatic tracking of ground targets.

KRET enterprises presented several models of platform-free inertial navigation systems used to determine the location of planes, missiles and ships. KRET is the main manufacturer of avionics for Ka-52, one of the most advanced military helicopters in the world.

Concern of Aviation Equipment presented more than 40 items of its development. In particular, RPE Respirator which is part of Concern of Aviation Equipment, presented an oxygen supply unit BKP-3-210P with a significantly reduced mass and fire extinguisher with the upgraded pyrohead with small dimensions.

For the first time at the exhibition, Aviaproject presented not only a full-size layout of its newest light four-seat helicopter of coaxial configuration AP-55, but also its main reduction gearbox. According to the company’s representatives, the production facilities of the venture are prepared to manufacture up to 60 machines per year. The planned flight range of AP-55 is 515 km, working load - 300 kg, static ceiling - 3,600 m. 

Traditionally, the business program of the exhibition was eventful. This year, at HeliRussia-2013, 46 different presentations, master-classes, conferences and round tables were held. The key event was the 2d Interagency Research and Practice Conference - Air Ambulance and Medical Evacuation-2013, held on May 16-17. At the Conference, the issues related to ambulance aviation in Russia were discussed. The representatives of public executive bodies, organizations of medical professionals with experience in medical evacuation of patients using planes and helicopters, organizations involved in the development, manufacture and certification of aviation and medical technology delivered their speeches at the Conference. 

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