HeliRussia-2013 Has Become the Largest European Helicopter Event of the Year

A total of 205 companies from 18 countries took part in the 6th International Exhibition of Helicopter Industry.

A total of 205 companies from 18 countries took part in the 6th International Exhibition of Helicopter Industry. Compared with the previous years, the exhibition demonstrates a steady growth. Thus, in 2011, 161 companies from 16 countries participated in the exhibition; in 2010 - 156 companies from 14 countries. In comparison with the first exhibition held in 2008, the total number of exhibitors and countries increased by 60%.   

This year, over 10k people visited HeliRussia to see the range and new products by the world's largest manufacturers of helicopters. Last year, the exhibition attracted about 9k of Muscovites and guests of the City. Also, over 300 representatives of the Russian and foreign mass media were accredited at the event.

This year, among the attendees were political and Government leaders, foreign delegations, representatives of domestic and foreign law enforcement agencies, businessmen, professionals, industry representatives and representatives of the Russian and foreign mass media, as well as people simply interested in helicopters.

The area of the exhibition HeliRussia-2013 increased by almost 1,000 sq. m. and equaled 12,706 sq.m. to hold the products of 205 (165 Russian and 40 foreign) companies, including the global market leaders such as Russian Helicopters JSC, Eurocopter, Sikorsky Aircraft, AgustaWestland, Bell Helicopter, MD Helicopters, Robinson, Motor Sich, Turbomecca, Transas PANH, UTAir, and many others. 

For the first time in Russia, the exhibition included a revolutionary machine - the world’s first composite rotorcraft - KC-518 by Composite Helicopters, New Zealand. 

Visitors were also able to see the newest multi-role helicopter AW139, first assembled in Russia at the joint venture of Russian Helicopters JSC and AgustaWestland JP HeliVert.   By the way, the same helicopter, but of the Italian origin, is used by the Prime Minister of Russia, D.A. Medvedev. 

One of the key themes of the exhibition was the development of the air ambulance and rescue in Russia. The vision of modern machines for ambulance and evacuation works was presented by Russian Helicopters JSC with their light multi-purpose helicopter Ka-226T of medical specifications, and Eurocopter with a specially equipped EC-145 shown at their stand. 

For the first time, the resurrected company Russo-Balt presented their V6 and V12 diesel multi-purpose engines. A distinguishing feature of the engines is versatility. With minor alterations, they can be used in aviation, sea and road transport. 

At the exhibition entrance, there were two helicopters displayed:  Mi-35M and a light multi-purpose helicopter “Ansat” by Kazan Helicopter Plant.

At HeliRussia-2013, the Ukrainian company Motor Sich presented an updated Mi-2 developed by their experts. As Vyacheslav Boguslaev, General Director Motor Sich, told us - MI-2 was a prototype of a new helicopter called MSB-2.

"We left only blades from the old helicopter. The machine was developed in the Design Engineering Department established in Motor Sich”, - informed Boguslaev. What prompted the company was the number of idle Mi-2 in the world at the moment. Over 5k of such machines were constructed. Approximately 900 of Mi-2 helicopters are operated In the North and Far east of Russia alone, and almost all of them remain landed because they are overaged and have the outdated engine TB2.

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