New Tire Safety Course Available at

Anyone who notices the long black streaks at the approach end of a runway can appreciate the brutal forces aircraft tires endure during the transition from being airborne to earthbound, or vice versa. Exposed to a regular mix of extreme temperatures, pressure changes, and powerful friction forces, aircraft tires definitely require special attention. With that in mind, the FAA Safety Team (FAASTeam) and Michelin North America have partnered to create a new online course for tire safety: ALC-269: The Impact of Tire Maintenance on Aircraft Safety.

The course focuses on two critical threats to safe tire operation: tire inflation pressure and foreign object debris (FOD). To take the course, go to . More information regarding aircraft tire care and service is available at . Be sure to also check out Michelin’s new tire safety mobile app. The application provides access to the Michelin Aircraft Tire Care & Service Manual, a reference guide that provides information on how to effectively maintain aircraft tires, maximize tire life, and reduce total cost of ownership.