Propulsion International announces the industry’s first “Trial Offer” Group Maintenance Plan for Honeywell TPE-331-series engines

Hermosa Beach, CA  May 21, 2013 –– Representatives of Propulsion International announced today that the company is introducing a first-of-its-kind Trial Offer introductory option coupled to the guaranteed “not-to-exceed CAM/Overhaul price” on its Honeywell-backed Group Maintenance Plan (GMP) for TPE-331-series turboprop engines.

“Whether they are flying a single aircraft or a large fleet, operators are looking for ways to help control the costs of maintaining and overhauling their Honeywell TPE-331 engines,” stated Propulsion International’s Founder and CEO, Chad Ahrens. “Our unique Trial Offer option will allow an operator to enroll a single TPE engine into our Group Maintenance Plan to see for themselves just how much money our program can save them on Hot Sections and CAM/Overhaul events.”

“The real key benefits of our Trial Offer are the guaranteed cost savings without a long-term commitment and the option to continue with GMP,” he said. “Secure the guaranteed savings now and evaluate enrolling a second engine or the fleet as time permits.”

Ahrens went on to explain there is further cost saving advantages for fleet enrollments; however, these require time for operator analysis. Our Trial Offer allows an operator the cost saving benefits on each maintenance event while completing the fleet analysis.

“The GMP Trial Offer is based on our not-to-exceed price for CAM/Overhaul events and is capped at 375 total hours or five years, whichever comes first. After they reach the 375-hour mark, operators have no further commitment,” Ahrens said. “Although, after they see the savings, we fully expect the majority of owner/operators to decide to continue the program and add other engines. Cost risk protection is valuable and nobody wants to pay more for maintenance.”

“It’s important for operators to understand that the GMP is backed by Honeywell,” he stated. “All inspections and repairs will be completed by an authorized Honeywell Service Center. The difference is lower costs, an upfront price guarantee, and more Honeywell high quality/new parts installed. Engines that are enrolled before disassembly quality and if enrolled early, unscheduled repairs are free for the hours leading up to the CAM/Overhaul.”

For more information about Propulsion International’s Trial Offer program, please contact Chad Ahrens at: or call: 310-283-9013.

About Propulsion International

Propulsion International provides Group Maintenance Plan (GMP) programs to business aircraft operators and commercial fleet operators for Honeywell’s TPE331-10, -11, -12, -14, and -10 conversion engines. GMP is a full coverage maintenance solution, customized to meet the requirements of the operator. Backed by Honeywell Aerospace, a TPE331 engine enrolled in GMP results in a serialized maintenance reserve account within Honeywell. All maintenance is performed at Honeywell authorized service centers worldwide. Enrollment can occur at any time in the engine’s life cycle and savings occur at major maintenance events, at each repair, and with each hour flown. In addition, Propulsion International offers an inspection interval extension for Part 91 operators, adding significantly to aircraft values. Programs are individually tailored to meet operator requirements and GMP can be transferred to the new owner at aircraft sale. For information visit: