Comlux: 10 Years Serving VIP Aviation

Comlux is proud to announce that they are celebrating their 10th anniversary in 2013. With a name coming from the combination of “Comfort” and “Luxury”, Comlux has demonstrated since 2003 its presence and success at the highest levels in the VIP aviation industry.

From a small aircraft management and charter company in Switzerland, Comlux has continued to expand around the world into a large group providing a comprehensive range of VIP aircraft services to high net worth individuals, governments and corporations.

Richard Gaona, President & CEO of Comlux, says, “With 650 employees, 5 commercial offices, 4 operational centers, 21 aircraft in service and a brand new completion and maintenance facility in Indianapolis, Comlux the Aviation Group is one of the few organizations able to serve its customers from acquisition, to cabin completion, to operations, up to maintenance support, and does all of this with a fully customized approach. Our growth during the last 10 years could not have taken place without the loyalty of our customers, the motivation and dedication of the employees demonstrating the highest levels of safety and operations, and the vision and determination of the shareholders.”  

2013 is again a promising year for Comlux. Fly Comlux, taking care of VIP aircraft operations, is pleased to announce the addition to its fleet of one Boeing BBJ available for charter. This new addition to the fleet perfectly complements the unique Comlux Boeing 767 VIP also available for charter. Comlux has also added one Global 5000 and one Global 6000 to its fleet increasing the number of Bombardier Global aircraft to 6 in the fleet.

The US-Indianapolis based companies of Comlux, Comlux America and Comlux Aviation Services have both started on new projects in 2013 as well. Comlux America, on top of their current workload of 4 BBJ aircraft, is in the beginning stages of a green completion of the first ever Airbus ACJ321 VIP aircraft. In parallel, Comlux Aviation Services is performing maintenance and cabin rework of the ACJ319 for Jet Premier One for the Government of Malaysia.

Comlux The Aviation Group is a leader in VIP charter services operating worldwide with the highest standards of safety and quality.  Beyond charter operations, Comlux offers a comprehensive set of services to VIP customers who wish to have their own aircraft managed personally and professionally. This includes exclusive aircraft management, sales and acquisitions, cabin design and completion as well as maintenance and engineering services.