AirIT Introduces Visionary Airport Intelligence Platform at 2013 Annual User Conference

AirIT, the leading provider of innovative information technology products and services to the air transportation industry, announces that at its Annual User Conference in Las Vegas, NV, the company launched a comprehensive end-to-end airport business, operational, and passenger experience technology platform that will enable airports to leverage data and make better-informed decisions, ultimately resulting in an optimized travel experience for the passenger, reduced costs for carriers, and increased revenue opportunities for airports.

The 2013 AirIT User Conference & Symposium recorded the highest attendance yet, as airport and airline users of AirIT products gathered in Las Vegas from April 15th to 18th. More than 160 attendees shared invaluable experiences regarding AirIT solution functionality and to learn how to best leverage AirIT products and how AirIT is positioning itself to continue to deliver data-driven solutions and technologies to the air transport industry. 

MIT Research Engineer, Bill Swelbar, delivered the User Conference keynote presentation. Mr. Swelbar is affiliated with the Global Airline Industry Program’s Airline Data Project (ADP), and the Airline Industry Research Consortium. According to Mr. Swelbar, there is “a technology war underway in the airline space, and as data evolves, so do the needs, wants, and preferences of the traveling customer.”  Mr. Swelbar also focused on technology as the next frontier in the airport space. He comments, “Airports should want to go directly to the consumer with improved mobility in order to gain an understanding of the customer, and to satisfy needs and preferences related to parking, concessions, passenger processing, and flight information delivery.”

Mr. Swelbar’s impactful presentation provided the perfect segue for the unveiling of AirIT’s latest initiative, the visionary end-to-end delivery of business optimized data analysis extracted from existing operational, business, and passenger-facing technology solutions. This contemporary solution relies on leveraging a multi-sided platform to provide enterprise data management and integrate critical business intelligence into every aspect of an airport’s operation to deliver enhanced efficiency, improved revenue, and a more pleasurable passenger experience. The new “Airport Intelligence” solution is a proactive effort to harvest data from the many disparate technology systems present within the airport enterprise, apply optimized business analytics to the data to allow for better, more-informed decision making and ultimately, create a brand new breed of passenger-friendly intelligent airports.

This contemporary solution aims to provide a positive passenger experience from the moment a traveler checks-in for a flight until they board the aircraft for departure. The Airport Intelligence technology platform incorporates a holistic approach to utilize every nuance of available airport data to drive efficiency and revenue to provide a win-win-win opportunity for airports, airlines, and passengers alike. AirIT CEO, Betros Wakim, states, “We are beyond proud to be able to deliver this industry-changing data-driven technology to our customers. AirIT has built an extraordinary customer base over the last ten years and we are truly excited to take the next logical step with our airport partners. Our new Airport Intelligence Solution will allow airports to further recognize the value of their technology investments by analyzing and applying business process driven logic to their collected data and allow them to quite simply make better business decisions in every facet of their operation, while simultaneously redefining the passenger experience.” 

About AirIT

AirIT is an information technology firm based in Orlando, FL. The company’s comprehensive portfolio of solutions enable airports and airlines to better utilize and manage resources, enhance the passenger experience, reduce costs, and optimize revenue generation. Our airport operational, passenger processing, and revenue management platforms deliver enterprise-class business intelligence solutions and are the most innovative in the air transport marketplace. AirIT solutions are operational in 30 of the top 50 airports in North America, and as a testament to their scalability, these solutions are at home in another 100 airports and at 60 airlines worldwide. For more information, please visit: